An interesting article on the Publishers Weekly site today, entitled ‘Agents Weigh the Growth Of Alternate Publishing Options‘. Not the catchiest of titles for an article, perhaps, but the content makes up for it. It discusses the recent deal made by J. A. Konrath (a figurehead, of sorts, for the indie author movement – his blog is required reading) with AmazonEncore for his new book, Shaken.

Usually AmazonEncore picks up on overlooked already-published materials (ones with high ratings by users of the Amazon site) and re-presents them. The difference in this case is that Amazon will be publishing an entirely new piece of work, but at a low price: $2.99. According to the article, 70% of this will go to the author.

The reason I thought the article worth mentioning was the response to the news from the traditional publishing industry. The comment by Ira Silverberg of literary agents Sterling Lord was spectacularly bitchy (I thought):

Certain authors will feel they’re doing well in schemes like this. They flip off the publishers who rejected them, claim new technology will support their career, and they get attention they never had before. Let’s see if we remember who those authors are in a few years.

Let’s see if anyone remembers what literary agents were in a few years.