Word count

I can’t tell how many revisions of TR&TR I’ve uploaded to Smashwords since last October, but the number is probably going to be similar to the number of revisions on Scribd, which stands at 37. This is one of the biggest advantages of solely publishing in electronic form: it is easy to amend the text. Usually the revisions are minor ones: correcting typos; sorting out the annoying mixture of straight quotes and smart quotes; adding navigation to meet Amazon’s requirements and so on. Other times, the revisions have involved adding new scenes to the story. There are around 2,500 more words in the book now than there were in September 2009 when I first thought I’d finished it!

I’m intermittently working on a sequel to TR&TR. Having the first book in a fluid form means that I can go back and ‘seed’ it with things that might turn out to be significant in the second. I haven’t done a lot of that yet, but it is great to have that option and not to have the first book frozen in time already.

The main disadvantage that I can see is the inability to ever completely ‘let go’. But as it took 24 years to finally get the story into this form, perhaps it isn’t surprising that I’m not quite ready to say goodbye to it yet.