A Young Adult book this time, discovered through the ‘Free Smashwords books‘ list on the Kindle Boards site.

Here’s the blurb from Smashwords:

In Turquoise, New Mexico, a small group of hippies believe that the mountain north of town emits a constant, resonant hum that is only audible to a chosen few. They call themselves the Hearers, and the fact that fourteen-year-old Kevin Browne has never trusted them makes it all the worse when his own ears begin to ring, and he comes to realize “The Turquoise Hum” may be much more than a sound.

It’s a fun read, involving mysterious powers delivered by magical sap, an army of evil fire ants, conspiracy theorists and coffee-machines with unexpected qualities. An added bonus for me was the role played in the story by Monarch butterflies, whose life-cycle I find fascinating. The writing is fluid and clear, with no typos that I could see. I enjoyed it as a book from my “i don’t eat sugar so i can read teenage books if i want to” list (as jenn from Toronto so aptly puts it) and it is ideal for its young adult target market.