I reported back in October that The Roman and the Runaway was available at Amazon’s US and UK stores. The level of interest in the book has been, well, disappointing. I gave up regularly checking to see if I’ve had any sales on Amazon months ago. It was still getting downloaded fairly frequently from Smashwords and the sites it distributes to, as well as from Feedbooks. I figured that it was probably my own fault for not really spending much time promoting it. I just don’t take the whole thing seriously enough, I suppose. I’m happy that the book is out there and that people seem to be enjoying it, but I’m not hugely motivated by the financial aspect, or even the kudos-of-being-an-author one.

But today, when I checked, the report page had changed.

First sale

The way the numbers are lined up, it took a moment to work out that this was a sale and not a refund. It’s taken nearly five months, but at least I now know that the book is actually visible on Amazon. And that one person at least has taken a chance on it.