A few months ago, a fellow indie writer gave me some great feedback on The Roman and the Runaway, coming up with three errors in the text (which I’d been so sure was perfect by then!). I hadn’t asked her to do this, and was grateful for the time and effort that she’d put into reading and correcting the book.

As a result, I determined to do the same for other authors if I found similar problems with their works. Sometimes with self-published books there are just too many errors to make it a sensible option, but if there are only a few, in an otherwise good book, then I’m willing to do some free editorial work to make the book even better. I feel quite strongly that indie authors should help each other out where they can: we don’t have the resources of publishers behind us and experience has shown me the truth of the view that it is impossible to be sure that you have caught all the errors in your own work.

Last week I sent another indie author a list of around 20 errors that I’d found in one of her books. I’d noted them on my ereader as I do when I’m editing my own work. She was glad to hear about them and has given me another one of her books in return. In my experience, indie authors are always pleased to be told about mistakes: don’t be afraid to let them know!