On location

Satellite view of Aldbury locations

Hawley Lodge is an imaginary English school located in the Hertfordshire village of Aldbury. It is where the bulk of the action in The Roman and the Runaway takes place (although the village is not named in the book). The picture in the header of this blog is of the pond in the village, with The Greyhound Inn in the background. As I worked on the book, the internal layout of the school itself became quite clear in my mind and I drew it out in this PowerPoint file. In it, you can find sketches of the different floors of the school and an annotated satellite view of its location near the village of Aldbury.

It also holds floor plans of the inside of the Brownlows’ cottage and some photos from Flickr of the sort of house that the Brownlows and Ned Kelly live in. Although (again!) the village is not named in the book, the pictures are of East Dean in East Sussex and show the old flint-faced homes that are typical of that part of the country. This is the village I’m imagining at the beginning of the book and it is the nearby seaside town of Eastbourne that Luke escapes to with his friends in Chapter Two. Hm, a lot of ‘easts’ in those last two sentences!

East Dean, by Flickr user Dave_S

There are more photos of Aldbury in a Facebook album I made on a research trip in 2011.

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