Other ‘indies’

There are hundreds of indie authors out there, most of whom seem to have blogs.

As I come across ones I like, I plan to list them here. The things I look for are:

  • Observations and advice about the writing process
  • Views and experiences of self-publishing
  • Support for other indie writers (blogs that aren’t just me, me, me!)

So far, it’s a short list, but I will be adding to it…

Beneath the Trapdoor by Joel Arnold
Buzz, Balls & Hype by M. J. Rose
Contemporary Romance Books by Maria Romana
Katie Klein Writes by Katie Klein
Victorine Writes by Victorine Lieske

1 thought on “Other ‘indies’”

  1. Hello.
    Do you consider request for reviews? I am seeking reviews for a satirical science fiction/fantasy.

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